Saturday, February 23, 2013

Square dancing?

Hey y'all!  So last weekend the hubby and I went to the Disneyanna show in Anaheim to check out the rare and expensive goodies we have no business buying.  Personally speaking, I was a bit disappointed. The show was smaller than I expected, and most of the items being sold were trading pins.  Some of the pins are cute, but generally I don't collect them.  Instead, what I did pick up was a new set of salt & pepper shakers.

I already had the two outside shakers from a previous show and this time I only snagged the set in the center.  You'll see the two on the left have illustrations of the carousel and the castle to commemorate Fantasy Land. The 2 in the center show the Columbia Sailing Ship and the Mark Twain Riverboat from Frontier Land. The 2 on the right again have the castle on the front, and the back has portraits of a Victorian-era police officer and Gibson Girl commemorating Main Street.  I hear there's 2 more sets out there, Tomorrow Land and Adventure Land. Can't wait to find those & complete my set!

While walking through the parking lot of the hotel hosting the show, I saw a car covered with stickers proudly claiming "I square dance!" and other stickers about square dancing, not circle dancing.  At the time I mentally shrugged and thought "square dance humor!"  We then went to Disney Land were we saw that the stage next to the Bar-B-Q buffet is now open and part of Frontier Land.  This section used to be the stage in Fantasy Land for the Hunchback show, then it was converted to the princess dress up for all of the little princesses.  Now, however, the stage is firmly western and populated by a singing cowgirl and western dancers.
O.M.G. Do you see what I see?  Adorable little gingham dresses with giant bows and petticoats and even bloomers!  That totally looks like a square dance outfit to me!  And of course when I see something as adorable as this I immediately think "I could sew that for a Halloween costume!"  All I would need to add are maybe a cowboy hat and cowboy boots!  I might even be able to get 2 costumes out of that!

Hmmm....  maybe those square dancers are onto something!

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