Thursday, October 4, 2012

Here comes Halloween!

Everybody run and scream!  Halloween! Halloween!

I know you were singing along with me on that one!  Well, my favorite time of year is here.  Time to make the house frightful, time to whip up some pumpkin stew, time to start gathering rubber mice and fake insects for the trick or treaters.  Yay!!  Such fun I can hardly wait!

Actually, I can't!  I've already decorated the house in all it's frightful glory.  Here's some pictures to delight and confound you!

My dining room is host to a murder!  A murder of crows, that is!  Better chow down quick before the food is snatched off the plate in front of you!
Have I mentioned that Disneyland's Haunted Mansion theme runs throughout our dining room?  We've always wanted to dine in spooky splendor!
The hallway outside of our dining room is dominated by cats; drawn, no doubt, by the tantalizing proximity of the many birds!
Then the downstairs hall and bathroom are simply infested with spiders!  How embarrassing!
The mantle in the living room is absolutely covered in skulls and skeletons!
And I can't consider this post complete without a link to the pumpkin stew recipe that I make every year!  Bon apetite!

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