Friday, September 28, 2012

Slanted Shell, or Crosshatch Stitch

Have I mentioned yet how very many people I know are expecting, or someone in their family is expecting?  For starters, my sister-in-law is expecting, my niece's friend is expecting, an old co-worker of mine is expecting, and my previous boss is expecting grand baby number 2.  That a lot of expectancy!  Since I've just completed one of these blankies, let me share my pictures and the pattern in case any one wants to try it themselves.
I wanted a thick and fluffy blanket that would work up quickly, so I used two skeins of variegated yarn simultaneously.  The pattern I chose is a crosshatch stitch.  The pattern reads as follows:

Start:  chain a multiple of 7 sts

Row 1:  2dc into 3rd st from hook, *sk 3ch, 1sc into next ch, 3ch, 1dc into each of next 3ch.** Rep from * to ** across to end.  Last 4ch, sk 3ch, 1sc into last ch.  3ch, turn.

Row 2:  2dc into first sc.  *Sk 3dc, 1sc into first of 3ch, 1dc into each of next 2ch, 1dc into next sc**.  Rep from * to ** across to end.  Sk last 2dc, 1sc into top of last st.  3ch, turn.

Row 3:  repeat row 2 till desired size is reached.


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