Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Here Comes Halloween, Continued!

Hello all!  So you may remember in my last post I shared pictures of how I decorated for Halloween. Since then I had a fun little dinner party for friends from work, and here is a pic of my bird-infested dinning room where I forced everyone to mingle and have a good time. 
I said mingle!! (as I shake my fist threateningly)
You may remember my hall filled with spiders, which has since been improved with the addition of spider webs across the ceiling.  I took this picture as I kneeled down and photographed my ceiling.
Then the hall was further improved with the addition of a long-armed ghoul climbing out from behind the hall door.  Ahh, much better!

Here you can see the opposite end of the hall, complete with spiders, webs, and cob web covered rats.  But it was still missing something...
Perhaps a blond zombie sitting in the chair?  Only if she has a giant spider on her sleeve!

And here you can see my front window in the living room, complete with a rollicking skeleton doing his best impression of a swinging monkey.
Peek-a-boo!  A severed clown head is now hanging upside down to leer evilly at us as we watch television.
As you look out the side window you'll see a witch waiting patiently for an invitation to join the party.
Then in the opposite corner you'll find a young girl engaging in a game of hide-and-seek before shuffling off to bed.  Or at least I assume that's her destination since she's wearing her PJs.
Silly little scamp!  Doesn't she realize she's destined to loose this game since she has no eyes to seek out the other players with?

 Proceed into the stairwell and perched on the landing at the top of the stairs we now have a little mischievous grinning urchin made of latex rubber.  Poor thing seems to have lost his hair and pupils somewhere.  But he appears to be in good spirits, none-the-less.
 Outside, next to the garage we have another little lady who does not look too pleased to be stuck next to the trash cans.  Maybe my guests weren't recycling appropriately?
And finally, under the magnolia tree stands our scarecrow.

We all had a scarily good time!  And stay tuned for some last minute Halloween craft ideas.

Happy haunting!

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