Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring is here!

Oh, the mental associations that are clicking away in my little head!  Spring flowers, spring decorating, Easter decorating, Easter eggs, Easter dinner to cook, holiday decorations, holiday decorations that desperately need to be organized, organize the basement, spring cleaning, and it continues in the same spastic fashion hopping along from idea to idea.  My head is an exhausting place!

So as I was sitting around thinking Easter-y thoughts the other day, I remembered a super-cool project that I saw in the latest Martha Stewart craft book all about thread wrapped eggs.
There were a lot of great little crafts in this book that simply enchanted me.  Pink & red fortune cookies made from felt, garlands galore, even tiny paper Christmas trees to adorn your mantle piece.  Adorable!  One of the more elegant projects was a Styrofoam egg wrapped in satiny shimmery embroidery floss.  I would love to display a bowl of these elegant little eggs, or perhaps hang them from ribbons in a doorway.  The directions look simple enough, if a bit meticulous.  Directions for this project are also posted on Martha's site here.

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