Friday, March 9, 2012

Fabric Drawer Liners

A few weeks ago I was flipping through a craft magazine when I happened to catch a magic phrase as I turned the page:  "fabric drawer liners."  Whaaaaat?  Immediately my attention was engaged.  The article was very short and only mentioned fabric liners in passing, but I needed to learn more.  I have seen adhesive contact paper for kitchen shelves & drawers, and I've seen overly perfumed and roly poly paper drawer liners for dresser drawers, but I had never stopped to think about other possibilities.  WHY???  Why had this never occurred to me?!?

I had to search the internet for tutorials on DIY fabric drawer liners and found 3 very different but equally easy methods of creating this look.  Oh internet, once again you have saved me with your boundless resources!  How I love you so!

Method 1:  Use Fabric Mod Podge to adhere & seal the fabric into the drawer.

This first method was posted by Infarrantly Creative and looks relatively straighforward.  No muss, no fuss.
Method 2:  Cover a cardboard template with fabric and lay in drawer.

This method is posted in the About dot com site and looks pretty comprehensive.  There are more steps to this method, and the posting doesn't show a picture, but I think we can all picture a drawer with a fabulous fabric lining to know what they're talking about.  The great advantage to this method is the ease of switching out liners when it gets old, stained, doesn't match the season, is too dark, is too light, or simply no longer enchants you.  I love the freedom to be as wishy washy as I want!  I'm also quite partial to the idea of including a thin layer of batting under the fabric so it truly feels custom made.  Lovely.

Method 3:  Using a fabric stiffener on drawer liners

This last method can be found on the Blue Eyed Yonder blog.  I love the simplicity and flexibility of this method.  Simply use some liquid fabric stiffener to turn your fabric into a flat board that can then be cut to fit the drawer.  Then either lay the liner in the drawer or use spray adhesive for a more permanent result.  Easy peasy!  Love it!

Here's another one of those projects that I'm super excited about doing. . . one day.  Alas, one day, when that slow & fickle day finally arrives, I can only hope it possess a much greater number of hours than its brethren do!  I've got high hopes for that day!

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