Sunday, March 4, 2012

Bookish Thoughts

It suddenly occurred to me that what I really need to crochet are bookends!  How wonderful!  But what shape shall I assign my bookends other than a pillar or rectangle?  Hmmm......  I began scouring the net for inspiration when I found some really great ideas!  Not exactly what I was looking for, but something I would still like to do later on.

Brick Bookends:  What a very clever idea!  Simply take a brick and cover it in attractive fabric, and voila!  Matching bookends!  Jodi B had posted this little idea to Pinterest.

Then if you're undecided as to display your books or simply toss them because they're falling apart, here are some novel (pardon the pun) ideas on how to care for them.  Apartment Therapy has posted directions here for recovering old paperback books and making them into newly covered hardbacks.  Super cool!

Then if your books are just too old to be saved, take heart.  You can still take your cherished friend and turn it into an attractive wreath.  Lovely!  Directions for this project are posted on the Paper Crafts blog here.
If I wasn't already so busy crocheting and thinking about sewing one day, I would be sorely tempted to try one of these projects this weekend.

If only....  sigh.....

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