Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fingerless Gloves

Yay!  Another custom order!  My friend Susan asked if I could whip up some fingerless gloves for her.  Nothing too special, just something girly that will hug her little wrists and hold a chemical heat pad in the palm of her hand while she types.  I know these gloves can be such a comfort when working in frigid conditions, like a library....
In any case, I wanted to make a small assortment of fingerless gloves from which to choose from, and I also wanted to start writing up instructions for original designs that I work out on my own, so I thought this project would be wonderful for accomplishing both tasks at once.

I started with a brown pair of gloves that imitated ribbed knits (1st row of pictures).  Since I only crochet, it took a little creativity to figure out how to do this.  The result was a wonderfully thick and warm pair of gloves guaranteed to keep you toasty.  I wanted the second pair (2nd row of pictures) to be completely different in look: delicate, lacy, with a much more open weave.  I had created a pair about two years ago that had that feel to them, and I was trying to duplicate that same pattern here.  For a third option (3rd row of pictures), I went completely plain Jane and whipped up a glove all in single crochet for a uniform look and feel.
All of my creations are listed for sale in my Etsy shop once I am ready to list them for the general public.   I hope to have more gloves posted here soon as well as listed in my shop, along with the PDF instructions on how to crochet them yourself.

Susan, I don't know exactly how long you wanted your gloves, what color you had in mind, or even the thickness you wanted, so I simply made some gloves that I like.  As I worked, I fitted the gloves on my own arm.  As a result, these gloves may be a tad too big around for your slender little arms.  If you don't like any of these, don't worry about it, I'm about to try my hand at some more designs.  I'll see you Saturday and we can talk some more then.

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