Saturday, April 13, 2013

Stripey Mittens Anyone?

A friend of mine spied a cute pair of mittens in the book Clever Crocheted Accessories by Brett Bara.  She asked me to crochet a pair for her, which I did. However, maybe I'm just a backwards kind of girl but it felt odd to have the cuff buttons line up with my thumbs when wearing it.  I'm sure it helps if you have to button them on, but I'm thinking that yarn is stretchy enough that you would never need to unbutton these little beauties.  So, here's a few pictures of the mittens I made following the book, but if I make these again, I think I'll alter the pattern so the buttons line up with the top of the ring finger instead.  If I do, I'll post pictures here.


I really do like the way the pattern directs you to start the cuff using the back loop only, then by the time you come back around you're using the front loop only.  It creates a very tailored little overlap.

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