Friday, January 25, 2013

Tea Towel Calendars

Hey there everybody!  So the fourth week of the new year may be a little late to bring up the topic of calendars,  but if you're anything like me you're always running just a little bit behind.  I finally put away my Christmas decorations and now the house is starting to feel bigger, cleaner, a little more back to normal.  I really do love to decorate for the holidays, but I also love to pack everything  back up and enjoy the fleeting feeling of a clean, minimalist house.  Which of course it isn't.  It just feels like that in comparison.

But back to the topic of calendars, I'm sure you all have items that you constantly keep a weather eye out for because it is simply impossible to find.  One of those items for me is an attractive tea towel calendar that I could hang in my kitchen.  I'd love to find one from 1935, the year my house was built, but those are so scarce as to be nonexistent.  Then I think to myself I'd like a calendar from 2006, the year we married; or 2008, the year we bought the house.  Then it finally occurs to me that maybe I should just be satisfied with getting a calendar for this year.  What a concept!

I soon discovered the website Spoonflower which sells a huge variety of tea towel calendars.  Below you'll see a picture of the tea towel I purchased from the site.  I'm thinking of hemming up the edges and inserting grommets in the top 2 corners or button holes so I can hang it on the wall with some colorful ribbon. 

And then it occurred to me that I could embroider a calender, like CuriousDoodles did for her Etsy shop. Although she used material that already had the year and calendar printed on the fabric and simply embroidered over the year at the top to add a dash of color.  The idea is clean and simple and I really like the finished effect; although I suspect there isn't much point in undertaking such a project at the almost-start of February.

So instead, I started poking around on Etsy and found Alicia Vance who purchased tea towel calendars from Spoonflower (mentioned above) for about $10 to $12 each, added a hem all around and added a dowel stick to hang it with and now charges $35 for her hard work and effort!  Way to go Alicia! 

Well, no matter how we keep track of the current year, I'm afraid it will go by much too quickly but I hope it's jam-packed with fun and creativity for us all!  Happy belated New Year!

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