Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sedge Stitch Cowl

Many years ago I remember completing a blanket in this easy repeating pattern that produced chunky blocks of yarn in a grid-like pattern.  It was so easy I immediately fell in love.  In fact, the pattern was so easy that I thought I'd never forget it, so I didn't bother to note where I found the pattern.  Of course, I soon forgot the details of it, including the name of the pattern, and I thought it was lost to me forever.  Or at least until I got lucky and stumbled on it again.

Well last week I must have had a very lucky day because I re-discovered my love affair with the sedge stitch!  Yay!!!  Oh happy day!  I found the following pattern for the sedge stitch listed on

1st row: Skip 2ch (count as 1sc), 2 dc into next ch, *skip 2ch, [1sc, 2dc] into next ch; rep from * to last 3ch, skip 2ch, 1sc into last ch, turn.
2nd row: 1ch (count as 1sc), 2dc into first st, *skip 2dc, [1sc, 2dc] into next sc; rep from * to last 3 sts, skip 2dc, 1sc into top tch, turn.
rep 2nd row.

Here is the result of my efforts thus far:


What I especially love about this stitch is the bumpy texture.  It's great in thick yarns like the Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick, which is what I used above, in both Charcoal and Oatmeal colors.

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