Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Baby Boots

A friend of mine asked if I could crochet some baby boy booties for her to give as a gift.  As I had never tried booties, I was a little hesitant.  I agreed and began my search for the perfect baby bootie pattern.  The first surprising thing I discovered is that apparently both "bootee" and "bootie" are correct spellings for the singular form.  Huh, who knew?

Secondly, there are lots and lots of free patterns out there for booties, but many are just so frilly and fou-fou that they just are not appropriate at all for a little boy.  But if you're persistent and not afraid of digging, you will find some little gems out there.  My fav so far is a pattern for a little wrap around boot for boys and girls posted by Topsy Turvy on her blog.  Such a cute pattern!  Good work Topsy Turvy!

She gives a pattern for girls, and a simpler version for boys.  I tried out the boys' version and below are my results.
Adorable!  I still need to add a little button to the outside of each to hold the ankle flap closed, but I just couldn't wait to blog about them.  They were so easy and quick to make, my only difficulty was realizing after I had finished the white pair that I had two left boots and no right boot.  Oooppsie!  That's what I get for not paying attention!

I think my favorite thing about these little boots is the shaped sole that actually looks (vaguely in my case) like a tiny foot.  How can you resist?


  1. I have tried 3 booties and have failed miserably! I am hoping to succeed at this one :)

    What type of yarn and what size hook did you use, if you don't mind my asking. And were they infant sized when you finished??

    Thanks! :)

  2. I'm so sorry to hear you're having problems. Hope the previous failed attempts weren't with the pattern I used from Topsy Turvy. When I made my booties I used Bernat Softee Baby yarn (I believe), with the size G hook they recommend on the label.

    Unfortunately I have no idea if they were newborn size or larger once I was done since I don't have a baby to test them out on. I do know the sole was a little longer than my palm. And as I made them as a gift, I assume they fit since I haven't heard any complaints.

    Hope this helps and please let me know how your latest efforts proceed! Good luck! : )