Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Home Grown Pumpkins

This summer both the hubby and I were brimming with energy and eager anticipation, this was the year we were finally going to harvest our pumpkins!  Like Linus, we would have the most sincere pumpkin patch in the neighborhood!  Off we went to Home Depot, or maybe Lowe's, I don't remember, but we bought pumpkin seeds aplenty.  We germinated 9 seeds from the giant pumpkin seed packet and 4 of the regular pumpkin seeds.  I thought we were off to a good start with our 13 tiny pumpkin vines, very lucky!

At this point, hubby took over by planting the tiny plants and going so far as to install sprinklers in the back yard.  Hooray!  Our little vines thrived.
 They grew and spread.  Quickly.

Even though we started off with many tiny budding pumpkins, we eventually ended up with fewer than 10.  And all were of the giant variety.
The vines soon began to die off as our little pumpkins swelled.
By September, our vines were sorry looking indeed.  We decided it was time to bring in our harvest.
For a couple of weeks, our front porch was festooned with knee-high pumpkins.  It was indeed a glorious sight!
We even brought one of our beloved pumpkins into the house where it nestles warmly next to our fireplace.
However, we knew that as wonderful as our dear little pumpkins were, we did have an abundance of pumpkin riches.  When hubby's family came over for our annual pumpkin stew diner, we sent the kids home with a pumpkin of their own to carve.  After all, if we kept them, what on earth would we do with so many giant pumpkins after Thanksgiving?

We still have a pumpkin in the back yard decorating our little cemetery, one in the living room, and a giant ghost of a pumpkin on our front porch.  As you can see, our little ghostly pumpkin is watched over by a miniature griffin and a grinning jack-o-lantern.
What a fearful sight!

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