Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Decorations

Belated merry Christmas to everyone!  Happy new year!  Since I shared pictures of my Halloween decorations with everyone, I wanted to do the same for Christmas.  I promise to get back to blogging free crocheting patterns again very soon, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy my photos.  Click on the photos to enlarge and thereby increase your viewing pleasure!  Honest...  It's a mathematical equation...
 Our tree was in the living room in the front window, I like to think it wanted to be there so it could be on the lookout for Robert and I when we get home from work.  Much like a pet, but one you only keep for 3 weeks out of the year. No long term commitment!  Below is the french doors leading to the back porch on the opposite side of the room.
Below is the fireplace with the front window to the right and the french doors to the left.  I absolutely love to hang beaded garlands from the mirror on the mantlepiece, but last year I think I overdid it; my living room looked like a pirates' lair.  Sparkly, but not very Christmas-y.  In the reflection you can see our portraits of the duelists from the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland.  They're squared off and ready to turn and shoot!  Watch out!
 Below is our Haunted Mansion dining room which I did my best to decorate with as many candy ornaments as I could find.  So sweet!
 If you look closely below, in the far left corner you can see our Hat Box Ghost perched next to our lit up winter twigs, festooned (yeah, I said "festooned!") with hanging candy ornaments.  So festive!

 And lastly, you will find our merry little nutcrackers all standing guard on the steps.  Someone's gotta guard us while we sleep, otherwise who knows what might happen!

Happy new year all!

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