Saturday, September 15, 2012

Los Angeles County Fair

Yesterday I made my annual pilgrimage with my mom to the LA County Fair.  Despite the 100+ degree weather, we bravely ventured forth so I could bring you, Susan, (my one reader so far), some lovely photos of our day.  Enjoy!
Ingenious!  A hot dog, surrounded by a spiral cut potato!
Some award-winning goodies.  Looks good enough to eat!
Adorable!  It IS the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!  Love it!
Such a lovely summer day!  If only I wasn't melting as I snapped these shots!
Lovely autumnal afghan.  Looks like it was possibly crocheted (the edging looks like it's single crochets), each block made up of beige, gold, orange, and crimson sections.  Then the blocks are stitched together in black.
A very nice afghan in sage green with a ripple stitch worked throughout.  It looks as though the clusters are made up of 6 double crochets, chain 1 or 2, a single crochet, chain 1 or 2, then another cluster of 6.  Then the next row would be chain stitches with a slip stitch to connect to the apex of the cluster below, more chains and a double crochet where the single crochet stitch is placed in the row below.  This would help even out the ripples created in the row that contains the clusters.  If I happen to find the exact pattern, I'll post it for easy reference.
Nice color combinations in Bavarian Crochet stitch
I may have to recreate this scarf for my shop.  It looks knitted, but I bet I could recreate this with rows of single crochet and lengths of chain stitch or a triple crochet to create the open weave sections.  I'll have to give it some thought.
Lovely use of contrasting colors in the granny square afghan.  I especially like the center color is uniformly teal or ivory.
And of course, no trip to the fair would be complete without historical costumes.  This one is indeed a lovely example of historical costumes.  It always feels so much more authentic when multiple individual pieces are created as opposed to one dress that's pieced together with a sewn on vest, sewn on fake laces, and a single skirt made to look like an apron & 2 or 3 underskirts, all in one.  Luckily, this beauty is not one of those!

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