Sunday, August 19, 2012

Home delivery thru subscription please!

It took me a while to realize that my blog was deficient and I want to thank my gal pal Susan for pointing it out.  How am I to have followers if I don't have a "subscribe" option and the only way you can "follow" me is through your Google or Twitter accounts?  Call me low tech, but no one I know actually uses a Google or Twitter account regularly.  I have a Twitter account, but it is sad and neglected, probably gone feral at this point from lack of human contact.  So sad.....  But I figured out how to add a subscribe option to my blog.  Yay!  Turns out you need to open a FeedBurner account with Google (which is convenient since Blogger is also a Google product) and then activate the subscribe option.  Sounds easy, but for some reason it takes A LOT of hunting around and Google searches to discover this and to discover the appropriate pages.

So tired now...  But it is done!  And I have my first subscriber already!  And it's me!  Yay!!!  Yay for me!

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